Gluten Free Farmers Market

Hosted by the Denver Celiacs
The first Saturday of every month! May - October 10am-2pm

333 W Hampden Ave, Englewood, CO 80110

William Notable Beginnings

Cookies, Cakes, and More!

Everything at Nancy's Notable Nibbles is Gluten Free!


We strive to provide safe, delicious, classic homemade cookies to satisfy people of all ages! Baking gluten free can be a challenge, especially at Colorado's high altitude. Let us handle the baking so you can enjoy your cookies.

Available Flavors (some seasonal)

Chocolate Chip

Vegan Chocolate Chip

Vegan Peanut Butter

Orange Dawn Sugar (Summer season or by Special Order)

Ginger Snaps (Nov-Jan seasonal or by Special Order)

Royal Iced sugar cookies

*Nibble-Me-Nots* (Jan-Mar seasonal or by Special Order)

Custom Cakes & Cupcakes

Custom Cakes and Cupcakes can be ordered at minimum 2 weeks ahead of needed date. Price varies depending on custom flavors and levels of decoration time. Call or email with details to get a quote!

$36 ~


We make our own bagel to make bagel chips and put them in our homemade trail mix! Enjoy a bag of trail mix baked with local Colorado honey provided by Parkway Honey on 6th Avenue!

Available Trail Mix Flavors

Honey Mustard

Sweet & Salty

Cheese Louise (Nut Free)

Sweet N' Heat

Betty Chow (mud buddies)

CHEZZE CRACKERS! *our GF version of the popular cheese cracker*

Head Baker Nancy

Nancy Davis

Founder/CEO/Head Baker

Hi! I'm Nancy Davis, and I can't eat Gluten! I wasn't born this way, but became intolerant, and then allergic to Gluten when I was 29. Before then, I had worked in the food service industry for over 6 years. I have worked for many different kinds of food jobs including making sandwiches at Subway, to decorating cakes and baking doughnuts at Walmart bakery. I was even a barista for a few years in the casinos up in Blackhawk CO. When my husband and I became allergic, our whole world came crashing down! Until that point we had enjoyed the simple things in life, like eating out at any restaurant we wanted. Now we had nowhere that was "safe" to go and eat without the fear of cross contamination.

The hardest part for me during this time was not being able to bake, and enjoy the fruit of my labor. I have been baking and decorating since I was just a little girl scout. It's something I share dearly with my mother. We still love baking together even today. Learning how to modify the recipes I loved and relied on for so long took longer than I thought. It all started with my Banana Bread.

Ginger Snap CookiesBanana BreadLemon BarZucchini Bread
But wait! There's More!!

Don't see something you like yet?!

You can contact us and see if we can make it happen for you!!

Here and Nancy's Notable Nibbles, we are striving to provide delicious bites of all kinds! Do you miss something you used to enjoy that isn't available gluten free yet?! Ask us to try to make it! If we successfully make it, we will even let you name it!!
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