What Motivates us?

Humble Beginnings...

Nancy's Notable Nibbles almost wasn't going to be a reality.

Michael, William and I have come a long way from where we began. I went from being a music major in college, to working in the casino's as a cashier, then a sandwich expert at a Subway! But even during all of those life experiences, I never stopped baking. I would bake for birthdays, holidays, or even just for fun! For around 5 years my friends and family would tell me that I should be selling my goodies. But I never felt like I had the ability to succeed on my own. After a long stent in the tech world, with family still begging me to start sharing my love of baking, I finally decided I wanted to go for it! That is how Nancy's Notable Nibbles began.

We are a small family owned business that runs out of our own personal kitchen in Longmont. Our mission is to provide easy to love Gluten Free Food that can range from the traditional cookie, to the crazy concoction that happens to be delicious! No matter what, our goal is to help ease the strife we all feel as Celiacs in a predominantly Gluten filled world. We want to create and provide products that you couldn't otherwise find in stores that are gluten free. We want to provide goodies for people of all ages to enjoy at family get togethers, birthday celebrations, and anywhere you find people sharing food and fun!